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Hey everyone! Elisha here! I am a little awkward & weird but I heard from Alice in Wonderland that all the best people are.

I am from Clio Michigan, born in the 90’s, & I absolutely love music, animals, food (especially mac & cheese, tacos & ice cream) & traveling!

I try to go to as many concerts & music festivals as I can! I truly believe music creates happiness and I am so unbelievably lucky to have a job where I can listen to music all day! I really hope the music we play throughout the day puts you all in a happy mood.

I have 3 very loving fur babies that are quite a handful for sure but they are so worth it. They are all German Shepherds & they are named Athena, Thor & Zero-(like in the Nightmare Before Christmas). Basically it wouldn’t be a normal day if there wasn’t dog hair in my food or all over my clothes or an 90 pound dog climbing all over me & squishing my internal organs because he thinks he is a lap dog.

Lastly, I’m a proud sleepaholic, vegetarian, 5K runner (although I hate running) & obsessive Halloween lover. If I’m not at work you can usually catch me at my family’s house visiting & drinking wine, or on my couch with my fiance & my dogs (probably also drinking wine) watching YouTube or Netflix.