Text for Teach

Honor your student’s favorite teacher today as the Sunrise Family Credit Union and WIOG Teacher of the Month! Just text 4 teach! Text the number 4, followed by teach, a space, and then your teacher’s name, grade, and school. Each month, we’ll select a teacher, professor, instructor, or coach who is nominated. Not only does the teacher you nominated win but so do you! You’ll both receive a $25 gift card from Sunrise Credit Union! Yep! You win, too, just for making a nomination. Text 4 Teach with Sunrise Family Credit Union and 102.5 WIOG!

October 2021- Congratulations to Mrs. Neighbors, 4th-grade Teacher at Mayville Elementary School. Mrs. Neighbors was nominated by Heidi and had this to say, “Mrs. Neighbors is a great teacher with a huge heart!”

September 2021-Congratulations to Mrs. Lyon – 1st Grade Teacher at Luce Elementary in Alma! Mrs. Lyon was nominated by Adalinn and her mom Mariah. “Mrs. Lyon is a Rockstar! We recently moved here, and my daughter was so nervous, but Mrs. Lyon has made Adalinn so excited for school each day because she dresses up for the kids for certain lessons and really cares so much about her students!”